World Mental Health Day 2019

Hello. Since today is World Mental Health Day I thought that I should post something today. A lot of people struggle with their mental health and I just want to say that I know. You don’t have to pretend to be fine. It’s actually a lot better to be open about how you feel. I know that it’s hard to talk about it, at least it is for me, but there are other ways to communicate your feelings. Why not write it down or draw something instead? The right words don’t exist. Just do your best. I have a few demons myself that go by the ugly names of depression, panic disorder, social anxiety and hypochondriasis. I was hoping that this website could be at least one other way for me to express myself and be open about my feelings and difficulties. Talking about negative things are very difficult for me as my mind go completely blank under pressure in conversations. So I find writing things down and then giving the paper to e.g. my therapist to be at least a little easier. I’m working on opening up and I’m working on improving my mental health. If you are struggling too, reach out and ask for help. Remember, you don’t have to use words if it’s hard. Just try it.


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